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Please join us on September 16, 2020 at 7PM to learn about how the the first African American District Attorney in CoCo County is taking steps to implement criminal justice reforms. We will also have an opportunity to ask questions. Since becoming the DA she has taken on a number of new initiatives that include partnering with organizations to raise awareness of bias within the DA's office, re-sentencing projects, and youth issues and housing in the criminal justice system. DA Becton will also discuss some important propositions on the ballot this November that support necessary reform.

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District Attorney Diana Becton has spent most of her professional career as a judge, lawyer, and manager.  In 2017, she was sworn in as the 25th District Attorney for Contra Costa County.  Following her appointment from the Board of Supervisors, she was elected to the position in June 2018. District Attorney Becton served for 22 years as a judge in Contra Costa County, where she was elected as Presiding Judge. She is Past President of the National Association of Women Judges, the nation’s leading voice for women in the judiciary, and Past Chair of the State Bar Council on Access and Fairness. 


District Attorney Becton leads a prosecutorial office of approximately 222 lawyers, investigators, and staff.  She is the first woman, the first African American, and the first person of color to serve as Contra Costa District Attorney since the office was established in 1850.


Her message of reform and restoring trust includes a vision for an office that is fair, transparent, forward thinking, committed to safeguarding all communities from crimes that threaten our health, well-being, and livelihood, and working on positive outcomes for youth.

WMCC Statement on Protests

June 5, 2020


Women’s March Contra Costa (WMCC) stands in solidarity with African American and other communities of color. The deep wounds of long-held racism and inequality in this country have led us to this moment and we recognize that many people have been hurting. We believe that it is all of our responsibility to listen, learn, and take action. We join the call for immediate accountability, justice, and action to dismantle systematic racism.  WMCC supports the many non-violent and peaceful grassroots protests that have taken place over the days since George Floyd’s violent death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many other civil rights leaders have taught us, there is extraordinary strength in nonviolence - the kind of strength that can change and shape a nation. We support these peaceful events. 


WMCC believes in the power of peaceful protest and acts of civic engagement to affect change. Although we are not currently organizing any protests of our own, we support other groups organizing peaceful events. We recommend the Action Together Bay Area website as a good resource for a comprehensive list of upcoming protests. As events are happening quickly, and WMCC is not always able to investigate protest organizers, WMCC recommends that marchers reflect on the following:


  1. Participants should inform themselves of the persons who are organizing and attend at their own discretion.

  2. Participants should consider personal safety and Covid 19. We encourage all to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines. This KQED article provides good tips for protesting safely.

  3. WMCC does not support the individuals and groups who are undermining the message of these peaceful protests through violence and destruction. Violence discredits and distracts from the pure voices demanding justice and real change.  

  4. WMCC urges the police in each municipality to support peaceful protests and use de-escalation and minimal use of force when interacting with protestors and ensuring public safety.


WMCC recommends the Resource Center for Nonviolence for those who want to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles of nonviolent resistance.

In Solidarity, WMCC

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Women’s March Contra Costa is a local, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting intersectionality and inclusivity. Our organization is distinctly independent of Women’s March, Inc., a national organization. Women’s March Contra Costa is independently funded and does not share any leadership, decision-making input or financial connection to Women’s March, Inc.

Our group stands against hate in all its forms. Women’s March Contra Costa denounces any statements against the Jewish and LGBTQIA+ communities and will continue to take action to promote intersectionality and inclusivity as we continue to work toward our vision of restoring dignity, sharing humanity and promoting equity for all. Together We Rise!

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